Sunday, April 27, 2008


Everyone was talking about the Springfest since last week and I didn't get what they were so excited about. And yesterday was Springfest and I knew what was so exciting! In the evening, in the lawn, there were three rock bands!! Danger is my middle name, Treaty of Paris and Quietdrive! They were so awesome. I was jumping like a monkey that I even lost my room keys in the crowd! ^___^ But someone found it and gave it to me in the end. Although I had never heard of these bands, I enjoyed them! I even got a tee, cd, and poster of my favorite, Danger is my middle name! Anyways, it was so fun!! And I'm already looking forward for the next Springfest!
And the fire alarm went off while I was writing this blog! I was so scared and everyone went out of this building. But nothing happened. It was from the kitchen on the first floor. Now I'm back in the building. And everyone is safe!

Monday, April 21, 2008


What a semester. It's just two more weeks and summer!! I just have one final project for drawing. Umm... two tests in May and that's it!
And I had quite a nice weekend. That is one of the reasons I couldn't update my blog. sorry! =(
On Friday night, I watched lots and lots of movies including V for Vendetta which is my favorite. And on Saturday, my friend came to visit me ^^ and we hung out in Ripon downtown and then I had a hair cut!! We also went to see this great movie called 21 in campus cinema in downtown. It's about six MIT students trained to play cards (21) and then go to Las Vegas and gamble. Very good movie.
Then on Sunday, there's a BBQ cookout event by BSU (black student union). It was so warm that day! People were in tank tops and shorts. Today is warm too. Anyways, we had a great time there. BSU is a very active group! Then my friend and I cooked Burmese food in Johnson kitchen. It was so fun! And the food was good too!
Oh well, I have to go to my class in an hour. I'd better get prepared for that and eat something.
Now I'm working on my final project for drawing! It'd be awesome! Seriously!!!



Sunday, April 6, 2008

april's springgggg! ^^ It's so warm again (55' F is called warm in Wisconsin)^^ and I don't need to wear that heavy jacket anymore! Everyone is in tank tops, shorts and flip flops!! FUN!
It's so good to be at school again but I hate weekends, seriously I do! All my friends go home and there's nothing much to do....except homework of course. =D Oh least there's something to do. ^^
Last night, I hung out with my friends from Scott hall. We watched a bollywood movie (indian movie) and then went to the graffiti party at night where people write on your shirt. It was fun and wild. I've never been to such parties before so it was a good experience. A spark on my weekend.^^
So as everyone knows, Sunday is called Homework Day. ^^ So I'm just staying in my room and gonna do some homework. I'll have to give a speech in my public speaking class next week. =D A lot of work to do! 'd better be going!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm now having my spring break! =D I'm now in New York visiting my friend and his family. Well, I just had my 19th birthday last week. I didn't get a lot of birthday presents like I used to but it was fun! ^__^ I used to have birthday party every year.
So we went to a Japanese restaurant near Time Square and ate a lot of sushi. =) My best birthday ever. And my friend bought me new all star sneakers and my mom sent me a card! =)
Now I'm working on my project. I am drawing my traditional clothes with its patterns as the background, surrounded by the Burmese characters. I will surely put it on here when I am done coz it's gonna be awesome!! =D

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Sorry I just had a busy week so I couldn't get here. =l
Well, to update I didn't get the RA job but I got a position in the Orientation Committee! It's a group that helps the new students coming to Ripon this fall!! I think it's going to be fun! ^^ My first meeting is tomorrow and I'm excited!

Now, it's two days till spring break and I can't wait. I'm so ready for it. I really appreciate that Ripon has spring breaks and fall breaks. I know that some colleges don't have it. These breaks give you time to refresh and continue the semester. I love it! ^^

I have a midterm on this Friday and it's Calculus. =(. I'm terrible at it. Anyways, trying my best and studying for it! Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best! =D

Monday, February 25, 2008


Today I had RA group process interview. It was kind of fun but I'm nervous about it. We had to stay in groups and do activities and discussions while the interviewers observed us. I'm not a kind of person who always takes the lead in group processing honestly....especially when I don't know the other people. I'm good with one on one though....everyone is ^^
That's just kinda stressing me lately. But the notifications will be out next week's just a week....have to bear it. =).....Anyways, I'm hoping for the best. It'd be a great experience to be an RA. I'd love it.
Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day. I have 4 classes, 9am to 9pm ^^....However, I love Mondays. I love my busy days. I'm kinda bored during weekends coz my friends usually go home. So I love weekdays. Monday and Friday are my favorite days. After busy weekdays I look forward to Fridays. Friday nights are so relaxing. ^__^
I'd better go to bed. =D


Sunday, February 17, 2008

cold! cold!

We had a lot of snow today. It's cold but soooooO pretty outside. Everything is covered in white. SO Pretty!
Well, I am a Phonathan Caller now. My new job. It's going pretty well. The other day I got the donation of 1235$ and it just made my day. It's fun making money for school. It feels good when you get a lot. ^^
I am applying for the RA job for next semester. Hope it'd go pretty well.
It's been a crazy been and this is a very relaxing weekend. I don't really expect next week to be this busy though. I have a speech to work on but it's due next next week soo I still have some time =D
I'm feeling happy lately coz two of my friends said they got into Ripon! I'm so excited for next semester!